A question that we often get asked by most of the public in the city is “Why do you market yourself as the best in the city?” Before we answer the question, you need to understand a simple truth. This attempt is not at all a self-promotion, since we were given this place of honor by our beloved customers. Anyone who has leased a car with Staten Island Car Lease knows that no other service in town can beat ours. This is why they promote our agency as the best in town through word of mouth and social media. This appreciation has encouraged us to confidently market ourselves as the best in town. Out of the large number of auto leasing services in the city – both professional and amateur ones, it is very easy to spot our company. All you need to do is to look for the company that offers variety, convenience, ease and a large number of deals apart from offering a bunch of cars to lease.

Financial Convenience

At Staten Island Car Lease, we believe that a man’s – or woman’s – dreams must never be hindered by his/her financial situation since it is unfair by all means. This attempt has resulted in several concessions in our business. Firstly, we do not give much importance to your credit history or debt situation since we are confident that you will be able to make your monthly payment on time. We will do the best within our power to ensure that your monthly auto lease payment will stay within your budget.

One problem most customers face is the initial down payment. Even if they are able to commit to a monthly payment, they are still hindered by this large installation cost. This is why we have reduced our initial down payment to a very affordable rate. But if you can’t afford that as well, do not worry, since we’ll be happy to recommend various sources from which you will be able to fund your car lease.

We have ties with various financial organizations that will be willing to help you out. These are highly reliable institutions who charge very reasonable interest rates. Your monthly payment will be kept to a minimum to ensure that you will be able to manage the auto leasing costs as well. This service will not turn out to be financial liability or burden since a number of our customers have used in the past and are doing so now, and they seem to tackle it without any problem and so will you.

Free Car Delivery

Under the current economic climate, it is very difficult to spot the term ‘free’ in the business industry. Giving a service for free can affect a company’s finances to a significant extent. Nevertheless, we do offer a free car delivery service to our customers. Do know that this service is available to anyone and everyone who leases a car at Staten Island Car Lease. The value of the car or your bank balance will not affect our decision since the service is equally distributed to everyone. You can stay rested at home once you sign your lease. We will ensure that your car is safely delivered on time to your doorstep by one of our professional drivers. Call us now on 718-517-2440 to make your booking now!