Although there is no need to make contact due to our informative and descriptive service, it would not hurt to be too informed – especially if you are newbie to the industry. It is best to clear all your doubts before you sign the contract since the most of the times, the terms are irreversible. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lease your car with us or not. We strongly advice and recommend you to talk to your auto leasing company and discuss the terms well ahead.

Informative Web Platform

All our customers appreciate the fact we value their time and convenience more than our profits. Our customers are able to access our website and thereby our services from anywhere they want. They do not have to be in a convenient geographical location to reach us in case of an emergency. Also, our enhanced accessibility has enabled our customers to be in touch with our company 24/7. This continuous online presence gives our customers a sense of assurance that we will be there for them always.

Of course, operating as on online car leasing agency has its own perks. Just like our customers, we benefit from this set up as well. There is no such thing as maintenance costs for our company since we do not have a physical outlet. Thus, compulsory costs such as utility bills and other overhead expenses are eliminated. This has enabled us to save a lot of money. These savings have been reinvested in our services to ensure that our customers get better service. For instance, we are able to charge our customer very minimal rates for early lease termination and lease transfers and thus, we are able to save a lot of money through our online operations.

Moreover, our profits have greatly increased due to our online presence as well. We are able to serve a lot of customers in a short period since the operations are very simple. Moreover, our services are not restricted to people who live closely to a retail outlet. Since we operate through a website, anyone in Staten Island can get through to us very easily and quickly. This has increased our market reach to a great extent and thereby our profits as well.

Efficient and Skilled Call Centre Staff

We are very proud of our staff at our service agency since they are one of our main pillars of strength. Unlike most companies, we do not hire high school students or part-timers who offer inefficient service. All our employees are dedicated towards the company and work towards the betterment of our company, the auto leasing industry, and most of all, our customers. They will offer you professional advice that you find to be useful in many situations. Do not hesitate to clarify any of your questions. They will be happy to be of service at any time to make sure that you are satisfied. Call us on 718-517-2440 and experience this efficient service firsthand.